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Success Stories
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Success Stories

Iman Badri Abdul Baki

Semkanieh - El Chouf

Services (Travel & Tourism)

Date of foundation : 2002

Received on : 26/6/2004

Settled on : 10/6/2006

Mrs. Iman is the owner of a travel agency in the town of Semkanieh - Caza El Chouf , she exploited the amount of the loan to buy a photocopy machine, some furnitures and a new signboard. Her business become to be better, after obtaining the loan, and because of our facilities as well as the low interest, Mrs. Iman renewed her loan for another US $3,000 on 8/6/2006 helping her to expand her business.

the value should appear as: $3,000

Raed Fouad El Kamand

Dmit - El Chouf

Industrial (Gypsum Factory)

Date of foundation : 2003

Received on : 2/4/2004

Settled on : 5/4/2006

Mr. Raed is working in the domain of Gypsum manufacturing and decoration. Business was slow at the beginning, but after receiving the loan of US $3,000 from our Association, he bought the raw materials of lime and grew his business by making contracts with more clients, and increased the number of workers in his firm to become four instead of one.
Concerning the Association's services, Mr. Raed said it was excellent and added about the micro-finance that it is necessary for the small establishments especially in the rural areas.

the value should appear as: $3,000

 mahmoud Amine Malaeb

 Bayssuor - Aley

Services (Oil change & tires Trade )

Date of foundation :1999

Received on : 5/12/2004

Settled on : 5/10/2006

  In 1999 , MR Mahmoud Began his work, when opening a shop with two stores in the town of Bayssour for cars oil change and tires trade . He started his business with two workers
 Mr. Mahmoud said about Al-Tamkeen Association. That the amount received as an aid of us$ 2.000 during 2004 and for the Ist time , to develop his business with a car wash , he was very thankful for this aid , that helped him to have more clients Another aid was obtained  . For us $3,000 on 15/5/2006 because of the flexible facilities and the good services.    

the value should appear as: $2,000

Shadi Fouad Badawi

Baakleen - El Chouf

Services (Dj- Sound engineering- Light-electronic repair)

Date of foundation : 2004

Received on : 19/4/2004

Settled on : 5/5/2006

Mr. shadi is an investor of music shop at Baakleen main road, with two stores , which was founded in 2004. In 19/4/2004 , he received an amount of us $3000 which allow him to buy instruments , as amplifiers, speakers and others for  the mariage ceremonies . Because of his success in this field , he opened another branch inside the bekaata Co- Operative . About Al- Tamkeen services , Mr Shadi is very grateful to deal with due to their facilities , he obtained another amount of aid for us $ 3000 on 28/11/2006 .

the value should appear as: $3,000

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