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About Us:


Al Tamkeen is a Lebanese Non Profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) officially registered in 2002 under notification no. 159/AD. Al Tamkeen aims at improving the social, cultural, and economical and health livelihood of rural Lebanese citizens through providing various types of assistance programs and development projects.
Studying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and strengths of rural Lebanon.
Al Tamkeen discovered that 86% of enterprises in Lebanon are small and medium scale. Al Tamkeen also concluded that productive economic activity in rural areas is often limited by the inability of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals to obtain loans, a significant engine for growth and source of employment in rural areas. Al Tamkeen also realized that economic stagnation is more prominent in districts where residents were displaced during the devastating Lebanese civil war or forced to migrate to urban centers seeking job opportunity. Al Tamkeen also noted that specific measurement of unemployment rate is not available; however, it is estimated that 25% of the Lebanese labor force is currently unemployed, and especially concentrated in deprived, remote, and rural areas. Consequently,Al Tamkeen designed and implemented a rural enterprise development program that includes the provision of micro and small loans to start-up or develop businesses in rural Lebanon coupled with capacity building for rural enterprises. This program aims at creating jobs and increasing the income of rural families, and thus promotes economic incentives to enhance return of the displaced and reduce migration of rural residents to urban areas.

Working with several local and international financial institutions mainly (Byblos Bank and Banca di Roma, City Group Bank and YMCA),Al Tamkeen provides micro and small loans (Up to $5000 per loan for commercial enterprise and up to 8000 USD per loan for agriculture or agro-industrial enterprise). Al Tamkeen initiated is activities in the districts of Baabda, Aley, and Chouf in 2003 then expanded its targeted geographic area to include West Bekaa, Rashaya, and Hasbaya districts in 2005; future plans include further expansion to cover all Lebanese districts. To date, Al Tamkeen has succeeded in providing loans valued USD 5,940,128 in total by the end of 2017, to start and develop 2060 new businesses in six different sects; Agricultural (108 projects), Industrial (278 projects), Commercial (508 projects), Transportation (147 projects), Craft (7 projects), Services (469 projects). In addition to offering 543 personal loans.

Organization Structure:

Al Tamkeen currently has30 members and abides by the Lebanese laws and regulations for Non-Governmental Organization.

A five-member Board of Directors is democratically elected by the General Assembly every three years.

Al Tamkeen employs 7 full time staff dedicated to ensure excellence in achieving Al Tamkeen mission of improving the livelihood of rural Lebanese citizens.

Al Tamkeen employed to date two short-term technical consultants to implement its capacity building program.




1. Micro and Small Loans Program
To date,
Al Tamkeen has succeeded in providing 2060 loans valued at $ 5,940,128

  and for enterprises in the districts of Alley, Chouf, and Rashaya. 682 projects with 682 loans valued at $1,813,698 were owned and managed by women. As a result, Al Tamkeen loan program contributed in supporting 2060 businesses and increased their income by at least 30% to 40% per year.

The distribution of micro and small loans by sector till the end of 2017 is as follows:


Commercial Enterprises:

-       Trade: 508 loans in total value of $ 1,520,200

-       Transportation: 147 loans in total value of $ 474,000

-       Services: 469 loans in total value of $ 1,443,078

-       Industrial: 278 loans in total value of $ 810,250

-       Artisanal: 7 loans  in total value of $ 23000

- Personal loans: 543 in total value of $ 1,206,600



Agriculture and agro-industry enterprises



- 108 loans in the total value of 462,500 USD




Training Programs:

Al Tamkeen capacity building program has so far trained more than 300 entrepreneurs across the areas of Aley, Chouf, and Bekaa.


Institute for University   Cooperation (ICU)



Byblos Bank




-       YMCA

-       City Group Bank








All nuts trade / shop

Animals foods trade/ shop

Telephone trade & accessories

Beverage trade / shop

Books trade

Taxtils - Cloths / free trade

Car spare parts / shop

Cloth trade shop

Sweets Production trade / shop

Coal trade

Electronic trade & repair

Solar Energy / shop

False ceiling

Gifts & Toys/ shop

Shoe trade shop

Gallery ( furniture )

Gun Machines

Sanitery accessories

Grocery shop & vegetable

Home Appliances / shop

Restaurant Equipment / shop

Master Pieces & Gifts trade / shop

Mini Market

Perfumes & cosmetics & acc/ shop

Nylon trade

Oil & car spare parts wholesale/ shop

Paintings & Tools / shop




A Metal press for rocks


Cars Exhaust Maintenance / Shop


Buying an Electrical Engine

Sound System / shop ( rental & Installment )

Cable ( computer / internet / satellite)

Cafeteria ( Sandwich)

Services office

Car -Wash Plot Form

Children Barber


Clinic Equipment

Communication center / equipment

Repaired & Paint Cars

Spots Club

Stationary and photocopy /print

Plexi / Vinyl / Print

Ticketing office

Translation Office

Photo Tools ( studio )

Wheel repair and oil change

Compressor for cleaning rocks

Photo Tools ( studio )

Computer for printing Advertisement products

Curtains & Furniture Upholsting

Nursery Equipment

Dry Cleaning Services

Engineer office ( tools )

Mechanic ( cars repair)

Folklor Group ( Dabki )

Furniture Paint

Hair Dresser

Gas Delivery

Gear box / Motor for trucks

Juice & Coffee

Jewellery shop






Gibson manufacture

Marble Manufacture

Metal & welding equipment

Milky Store

Sewing Factory

Socks Manufacture Female

Sweets production Manufacture

Trico Manufacture

Wood Sawing Tools





Agriculture tools ( tractor, etc…)

Concrete water Tank

Farming ( Cattle - Chicken - Cows )

Grape Vine

Green Houses

Green plants Trade & Flowers

Honey bee Production

Pine Cracker

To Cultivate - Seed & Plant





Buying a public taxi number

Buying a truck

Buying bobcat

Buyig Bulldozer Caterpillar

Buying taxi car

Pick- up for Transport

Tourist van




To increase income and create jobs in rural Lebanon, Al Tamkin provides:


Access to Micro and Small Loans for start-up and development of successful rural enterprises in commercial sectors and in agribusiness or agro-industry.



Free consultations to rural micro and small enterprises on how to start or develop your own business.



Training programs to build the capacity of micro and small entrepreneurs.


Micro and Small Loans Program

Al Tamkeen can provide free consultations to micro and small rural entrepreneurs participating in Al Tamkeen Loan Program.


Commercial Enterprises:



- Light industry (contracting and construction, sewing and clothes manufacturing, wrought iron production, plaster   and decoration production,   bakeries and pastry production, carpentry, candle production, and other)

- Trade (equipment for groceries, mini-markets, Cellular phone and accessories shops, perfume and beauty   shops, gift shops, car    accessories shops, clothes shops, and other)

- Transport (ex. purchase of pick-ups, taxis, vans, and other)

- Services (ex. Hairdressing and barber business, internet and computer access business, photographing   business, travel booking business,   car repair shops, restaurant business, and other)





Agriculture and agro-industry enterprises(ex. plowing and crop production equipment, processing equipment, greenhouses, water reservoirs, beekeeping, distilling, and other)


Al Tamkeen Micro and Small Loans Program excellence and success is attributed to its active partners, Byblos Bank and Banca Di Roma, as well as to competitive superior lending terms tailored to the needs of micro and small rural enterprises.


*For commercial enterprise loans, Al Tamkeen offers loans up to 5000 USD at 5.2 % service fee, and a repayment period up to three years.

*Personal loan up to 2000–

*Agricultural loans up to 7000


If you like to see an example of the repayment scheme of a commercial enterprise loan, please click here to go to Loan Calculator.

For agriculture and agro-industry enterprise loans, Al Tamkeen offers loans up to 8000 USD at 5.5% service fee, with a grace period up to 6 months, and a repayment period up to three years.
If you like to see an example of the repayment scheme for an agriculture and agro-industry enterprise loan, please click here to go to
Loan Calculator.

If you like to obtain a loan application in English, please click here: Loan Application











Al Tamkeen est une ONG (organisation non gouvernementale libanaise) enregistrée officiellement en 2002 sous la notification n. 159/AD. Al Tamkeen a pour but de développer le niveau de vie social, culturel, économique ainsi que la santé de la population rurale par le biais de la mise en place de plusieurs types de programmes d'assistance et de projet de développement.
En étudiant les opportunités, les points forts et les points faibles du Liban rural, L'ONG Al Tamkeen a constaté que 86% des entreprises au Liban sont à petit ou moyen échelle.
Al Tamkeen a conclu que l'activité économique agricole dans la zone rurale est limitée par l'incapacité des entrepreneurs des petites entreprises et des particuliers à bénéficier de crédits qui sont une arme principale à l'agrandissement des affaires et une source principale de création d'emplois dans la zone rurale.
Al Tamkeen a constaté aussi que la stagnation économique se déclare le plus dans les zones des déplacés de la guerre civile libanaise, cette guerre a forcé l'immigration vers les zones urbaines à la recherche d'emplois
Al Tamkeen a aussi noté que les études ou les mesures sur le taux de chômage ne sont pas valables. Pourtant le taux de chômage est estimé à plus de 16% et est spécialement concentré dans les zones rurales et les banlieues (zone dépourvu, rurale)
En conséquence, Al Tamkeen a mis en place et a implanté un programme d'entreprise de développement rural qui inclus l'approvisionnement de micro et de petits crédits pour la mise en œuvre ou le développement des affaires dans les zones agricoles.
En association avec un programme de renforcement de capacités (capacity building) des entreprises rurales, ce programme a pour objectifs la création d'emplois et l'augmentation des revenus des familles rurales, ce qui va constituer une promotion pour intensifier l'activité économique et activer le retour des déplacées et de réduire l'exode rural.
En travaillant surtout avec des institutions financières locales et internationales en majeur parti avec la banque Byblos et Banca Di Roma, Al Tamkeen offre des micros et des petits crédits (jusqu'à 3000 USD par crédit pour les entreprises commerciales et jusqu'à 8000 USD pour les crédits agricoles ou agro industriels).
Al Tamkeen a débuté ces activités dans les casas de Baabda, Aley et Chouf en 2003 puis en 2005 elle a élargi ces zones d'activités jusqu'à inclure les casas de la Bekaa Est, Rachaia et Hasbaia. Dans le futur l'ONG Al Tamkeen a pour objectif de couvrir tout le Liban. Jusqu'à cette date, Al Tamkeen a réussi à donner des crédits d'une valeur totale de 970 000 USD et a aide à développer plus que 352 entreprises rurales. Ces crédits ont contribués a créer plus de 241 nouveaux affaires et à agrandir les revenus de chaque bénéficiaire de 4500 USD par an.